HO Monza 66"

66" with large animal bindings and carry bag

The 2008 Monza is a more refined evolution of an already best selling ski for HO. The previous versions of the Monza are known for their ferocious speed and near 90-degree turns. The new Monza is all those things but smoother and more forgiving. Unlike previous year’s ski test reviews of the Monza, this year’s team used words like “big sweet spot,” “stability” and “forgiveness.”


Much of the Monza’s appeal is that it can be very fast and responsive while being smooth at the same time. Edge changes and turns require only minimum effort. The finish of the turn is symmetrical and fast on both sides of the course. When pushed, the Monza will finish the turn surprisingly fast. Ridden more patiently and with more weight on the front of the ski, it will deliver a carving turn. Fin and binding adjustments are particularly critical on the Monza.


With a big sweet spot and substantial speed, this ski is ideal for a wide range of skiers looking to get to the next level in a hurry.


Sizes: 63.5″, 65″, 66″, 67″, 68″, 69.5″


“It is like a small sports car with a big motor! Lots of horsepower just waiting for you to press on the gas and go! I like a ski when I can get on it and think about my skiing rather than the ski.”

— Chuck Dickey


“The ski is extremely forgiving. I was able to make up ground even after making a mistake.” — Don Younger


“This ski would benefit a wide range of skiers and ability levels, from those skiing the course at long line to those shortening the rope significantly. Of all of the HO Monza skis tested in the last three years as part of the Independent Ski Tests, this Monza was my favorite!” — Nicole Baird